• Italian Archives

    We'll need to understand how the Italian Archives are organized, especially if we are thinking about a travel to Italy to search for records personally. Every Italian region has suffered particular historical situations, generating their own type of documents.

  • What will you find in Italy Gen?

    Start your research with: professional genealogic tools, references to all vital records, collection of links, a detailed orientation about Italian archives and a complete guide for your research of Italian ancestors.

  • ¿Is there information about the arrival or departure of my Italian ancestor?

    When we research our Italian ancestors, usually we wonder what port our ancestor was departed from, and if some vestige of that departure still remains in some place.

  • What we need to know about Italian Genealogy?

    First, we need to get information about the Italian documents where we could find records about our forbears, for instance: Civil Records, parish records, census, military records, titles of property, etc.

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Between 1876 and 1976 approximately 30 millions of Italians left their native soil immigrating to several countries in the world. More than 4 millions emigrated to the United States of America.

Perhaps because they tried to forget a painful past, most of their descendants know very little about their names and their history.